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Oracle automatically converts the name uppercase

854 Part V ✦ Managing Oracle Security


The name of the user to be created. The name must be

GLOBALLY AS extname, where the username and
password are passed to the extname service for logon
validation. This type of authentication requires external
authentication mechanisms, such as a RADIUS server.

Chapter 17 ✦ Managing Users 855

segments created by the user if no tablespace is
specified at creation time. The value for DEFAULT
TABLESPACE defaults to SYSTEM if this parameter is not
specified. Always specify a DEFAULT TABLESPACE for the
user and assign the user a quota on this tablespace if
you expect him or her to create segments.


PASSWORD EXPIRE This parameter enables you to automatically expire the user’s password at creation time, forcing him or her to change the password the first time a successful connection to the instance is established. The default behavior is not to expire the user’s password, though use of this parameter is recommended.

QUOTA Lets you configure a quota for the user on tablespaces in the database. The quota is specified in bytes, kilobytes (K), or megabytes (M). You should specify a quota on the user’s DEFAULT TABLESPACE if you expect the user to create segments. You should not specify an UNLIMITED quota on a tablespace for a regular user.

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oracle automatically converts the name uppercase
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