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Press the mouse button and then the shift key

282 Transforming Paths

4. With the Move tool selected, position your cursor inside the selection marquee, press Alt+Shift (Option+Shift on the Mac), and then drag to move the cloned area on top of the element that you’re removing. Carefully match up the edges, release your mouse button, and then release the Alt and Shift keys (Option and Shift on the Mac).

6. Choose the Clone Stamp tool and select a medium-size feathered brush from the Brush Preset picker on the Options bar or the Brushes palette, press Alt (Option on the Mac), and click a good area next to a flaw; release Alt (Option) and then click the flaw.

Transforming Paths 283

with a smudgy mess. Being light-handed is a good thing, as I was in the now retouched image. Nobody can tell that only one man stands where two people once stood.

Book III
Chapter 3