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Primavera should data-driven decision support tool

Adding Activities and Relationships

By the end of this chapter we hope that the reader will feel comfortable with the settings and options available for activities.


Duration: The length of time the activity will last. In certain cases, this may be zero.

other tools

In other software, an activity may be called a task, and even in P6 the two terms are often used interchangeably. Also in other systems, the activity is the lowest unit in the schedule, whereas Primavera has a feature called steps. These are basically a checklist for the activity and represent the lowest level of scope in a schedule.

A good scheduling tool should tell the user more than the input, it should forecast and give vision into the schedule rather than simply repeating or reporting what a scheduler already knows. Primavera P6 should be a data-driven decision support tool, not merely a reporting engine.

Oracle Primavera and scheduling best



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primavera should datadriven decision support tool
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