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Programmable logic controller plc controlled input-output interface signals


RO desalination is a nonlinear process, which has to operate under specific conditions that are of utmost importance for plant operation optimization. The nonlinearity relates to changing process characteristics such as feed total dissolved solids and pH, which in turn cause changes to product quality and quantity parameters such as salt rejection and recovery. An RO desalination system is usually designed based on a defined set of data analysis such as flow, temperature, and feed water composition. However, in reality, plant operation has to be flexible in order to respond to changing variables. Integration of key process information into the control strategy’s decisionmaking and prediction can yield an increase in the lifetime of the membranes, availability, and efficiency and optimize plant performance.

9. Recovery
10. Predicted Scale Index
The fuzzy system was implemented using Mamdani architecture [22] with the following FIS properties:

PLC Controlled

Bus Driver

Control Logic

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programmable logic controller plc controlled input
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