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Re-creating password authentication file summary practice overview recover from lost tempfile and redo log file database recovery objectives recovery methods user-managed recovery recover command rman recovery restore and recover commands recovery using enterprise manager complete versus incomplete recovery complete recovery incomplete recovery situations requiring incomplete recovery types incomplete recovery performing user-managed incomplete recovery user-managed time-based recovery example user-managed cancel-based recovery example performing incomplete recovery using rman time-based recovery using rman example log sequence recovery using rman example incomplete recovery using enterprise manager incomplete recovery and the alert log restore points incomplete recovery best practices recovering control file autobackup creating new control file recovering read-only tablespaces read-only tablespace recovery issues summary practice overview perform incomplete recovery flashback objectives flashback technology review flashback drop and the recycle bin recycle bin restoring tables from the recycle bin recycle bin automatic space reclamation recycle bin manual space reclamation bypassing the recycle bin querying the recycle bin querying data from dropped tables flashback database review flashback database architecture configuring flashback database vconfiguring flashback database using flashback database examples performing flashback database using excluding tablespaces from flashback database flashback database considerations monitoring flashback database monitoring flashback database with guaranteed restore points summary practice overview performing flashback database dealing with database corruption objectives what block corruption block corruption symptoms ora- how handle corruption corruption-related features dbverify utility interpreting dbverify output analyze command verifying block integrity real time verifying block integrity real time using exp detect corruption using flashback for logical corruption dbms package using dbms block media recovery bmr blockrecover command examples using blockrecover the rman bmr interface alternative actions take summary practice overview perform block media recovery monitoring and managing memory objectives memory management overview oracle memory structures buffer cache using multiple buffer pools shared pool large pool java pool redo log buffer automatic shared memory management overview benefits automatic shared memory management

Re-creating a Password Authentication File 4-16
Summary 4-18
Practice Overview: Recover from Lost TEMPFILE and Redo Log File 4-19


Configuring Flashback Database Using EM 6-17
Flashback Database: Examples 6-19
Performing Flashback Database Using EM 6-20
Excluding Tablespaces from Flashback Database 6-23
Flashback Database Considerations 6-24
Monitoring Flashback Database 6-26
Monitoring Flashback Database with EM 6-28
Guaranteed Restore Points 6-29
Summary 6-30
Practice Overview: Performing Flashback Database 6-31


Dealing with Database Corruption
Objectives 7-2
What Is Block Corruption? 7-3
Block Corruption Symptoms: ORA-1578 7-4
How to Handle Corruption 7-5
Corruption-Related Features 7-7
DBVERIFY Utility 7-8
Interpreting DBVERIFY Output 7-9
ANALYZE Command 7-11
Verifying Block Integrity in Real Time: DB_BLOCK_CHECKING Verifying Block Integrity in Real Time: DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM Using EXP to Detect Corruption 7-14


The RMAN BMR Interface 7-25
Alternative Actions to Take 7-26
Summary 7-27
Practice Overview: Perform Block Media Recovery 7-28

Monitoring and Managing Memory
Objectives 8-2
Memory Management: Overview 8-3
Oracle Memory Structures 8-4
Buffer Cache 8-6
Using Multiple Buffer Pools 8-8
Shared Pool 8-10
Large Pool 8-11
Java Pool 8-12
Redo Log Buffer 8-13
Automatic Shared Memory Management: Overview 8-14 Benefits of Automatic Shared Memory Management 8-15

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