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Sample values the image not represent black and white pixels rather




4.10.6 Masked Images

In LanguageLevel 1 or 2, images painted with the image or colorimage operator mark all affected areas of the page as if with opaque paint (see Section 4.1, “Imag-ing Model”). All portions of the image, whether black, white, gray, or color, com-pletely obscure any marks that may previously have existed in the same place on the page.



Type 4 image dictionaries (LanguageLevel 3) specify a color or range of colors to be masked out wherever they occur within the image; this technique is known as color key masking.

The number of components per sample is always 1, regardless of the current color space, because sample values represent masking properties rather than colors.

The number of bits per component is always 1. In its five-operand form, imagemask has no bits/sample operand; in the one-operand (image dictionary) form, the dictionary’s BitsPerComponent value must be 1.

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sample values the image not represent black and wh
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