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Saw the earlier discus- sion about what csvgetl should return

Typical usage looks like this:

which prints output like this:

Appropriate return values are not always obvious. as we saw in the earlier discus- sion about what csvgetl i ne should return. We want to return as much useful infor- mation as possible, but in a form that is easy for the rest of the program to use. In C, C++ and Java, that means returning something as the function value. and perhaps other values through reference (pointer) arguments. Many library functions rely on the ability to distinguish normal values from error values. Input functions like getchar return a char for valid data, and some non-char value like EOF for end of file or error.


Use exceptions only for exceptional situations. Some languages provide exceptions to catch unusual situations and recover from them; they provide an alternate flow of control when something bad happens. Exceptions should not be used for handling expected return values. Reading from a file will eventually produce an end of file; this should be handled with a return value, not by an exception.

In Java, one writes

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saw the earlier discus sion about what csvgetl sho
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