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Translating Commons-Based Peer

CERSA/CNRS/Universite´ Paris II—Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School,

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

23.3.1 Universal indicator of value 467

23.3.2 Alternative value metrics 469 Systemic value of CBPP 476 Value of CBPP contributions 477

duction (Florida, 2002; Peck, 2005), user-driven innovation (von Hippel, 2004), and

shared, open, free forms of productive relations (Bauwens, 2005; Kelty, 2008; O’Neil,

(Coleman, 2005; Kelty, 2008; O’Neil, 2009), and many researchers have underlined the

growing and important role of value and reputation metrics (Arvidsson, 2012; cf. Lury

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All rights reserved.

Reputation in the system based on the trust by other users(Ebay)

Quantitative measures :
number of contributions, size (Stackoverflow),
popularity of content, visits, likes, shares (Facebook, Youtube)

Real reputation (real-world volunteer networks)

Power and status in the community, administrative permissions

Privileges in the community, more space, speed (FTP media sharing)

Distributed donations from the community (Flattr)

Offers from others to contribute to projects (Free/open source)


Today, an alternative model of production is emerging—both on the Internet and else-where—that does not rely on market transactions, but rather on sharing and cooperation among peers. The deployment of Internet and Web 2.0 technologies spurred the devel-opment of online platforms for the production and dissemination of information resulting from voluntary collaboration between a community of peers (the so-called peer produc-tion platforms). In the realm of information, Wikipedia is perhaps the most popular example, along with Github, Reddit, Slashdot, Kune, and so forth. But the same applies also in the physical realm, with a growing number of initiatives such as the Open Source Ecology and Fab Labs. All these platforms facilitate peer production by providing interactive applications allowing for synchronous/asynchronous collaboration and

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