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Section our study and future trends conduct study and point out future trends

196 ◾ Networking for Big Data

Big Data Security Analytics in Intrusion Detection
Our Study and Future Trends
Our Study of Additional Mechanisms
Character Frequency-Based Exclusive Signature Matching Context-Aware List-Based Packet Filter
Future Trends

In a traditional network, overload network packets are already a challenging issue for network intrusion detection, in which the number of network packets would greatly exceed the maximum processing capability of an IDS [6,7]. With the rapid development of the Internet, data volumes during communication have become significantly large. This situation is even more complex than that in a traditional network [8]. Thus, the term Big Data developed, which describes data that is difficult to be managed efficiently by on-hand techniques, tools, and devices. For instance, every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes

A Review of Network Intrusion Detection in the Big Data Era ◾ 197

•� We then identify major challenges and issues regarding intrusion detection in the era of Big Data, describe potential solutions, and present related research studies in the literature.

•� We later present a study by employing an additional mechanism to improve the per-formance of network intrusion detection under Big Data volumes and point out the future trends in this area.

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section our study and future trends conduct study
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