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Select new window from the window drop-down menu

Figure 3-1. Compose a text page

That’s all there is to it.

2. Select “Same window” from the Window drop-down menu.

3. Select the option:
Show the course blocks
This will display the blocks from your course page on either side of the resource you have created.

Adding Content to Moodle | 31

Allow the window to be scrolled
You can prevent the user from scrolling the new window. Again, unless you have a specific reason to prevent the user from scrolling, leave this checked.

Show the status bar
The status bar is the lower area of the browser that shows how much of the page has loaded and the target of a link.

Default window width and height
You can set the size of the new window to match the size of the linked page.

Composing a Web Page

This section covers the following MTC skills: 2.3 Editor; 4.3 Compose a web page

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