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Select the statements the highest logical value then isthe recognized pattern

228 Juliusz L. Kulikowski

2. For the given and a there will be denoted by

the subsets of consisting of reference objects such that the

form a semi-ordered family of sets that can be also represented by a


Let be a finite subset of the elements of observation space X in which

the relations and have been defined. Then for any fixed

its relative similarity to the given patterns, as indicated by the expert.


similarity, the most similar ones to x. The problem can be solved in two


Using Relative Logic For Pattern Recognition 229

The problem consists in logical evaluation of the pairs of statements:

is similar to
is similar to

(read: “A is logically valuable at most as B”) then


We are thus able to compare logically the pairs of statements like:

x is similar to is similar to

set R of scaling objects and an object

For the given reference set

Evaluate relatively the so obtained statements according to the

logical rules 1º, 2º;

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select the statements the highest logical value th
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