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Schedule Cyclone Project in ProjectLibre Answer

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The Cyclone project team has started gathering information necessary to develop a project network-predecessor activities and activity time in days. The results of their meeting are found in the following table: Activity Description Duration Predecessor 1 CYCLONE PROJECT 2 Design 10 3 Procure prototype parts 10 2 4 Fabricate parts 8 2 5 Assemble prototype 4 3;4 6 Laboratory test 7 5 7 Field test 10 6 8 Adjust design 6 7 9 Order stock components 10 8 10 Order custom components 15 8 11 Assemble test production unit 10 9;10 12 Test unit 5 11 13 Document results 3 12 IMPORTANT NOTE: Activity 1: CYCLONE PROJECT is NOT an activity, rather it is a label for the group of activities that are below it. That’s why it does not have a duration. It is very important that after you type all 13 activities names, You MUST INDENT activities 2-13 using the INDENT button. 1. You want to start this Cyclone project the FIRST MONDAY in April. 2. Mark all the nonworking holidays for the remaining year: Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, July 4, Labor Day on the first Monday in September, etc. Instructions 1. Use ProjectLibre to schedule this project. You will submit the .pod file of your project when completed. 2. Answer the following questions on a separate Microsoft Word (.docx) file: a. How long will the project take? Answer: 80 days (Check this for correctness)

b. What is the completion date for the project (Month, Day)

Assignment Help Answers with Step-by-Step Explanation:

  1. Set the project start date to the first Monday in April. In this case, the first Monday in April 2023 is April 3rd.

  2. Define the nonworking holidays for the remaining year:

  1. Once the scheduling is complete, answer the questions:

a. How long will the project take?

The critical path is the sequence of activities that determine the project's overall duration. In this case, the critical path consists of the following activities:


  • Field test

  • Adjust design

  1. Produce the detailed CPM report with early/late start/finish times and slack times:

To generate the detailed CPM report in ProjectLibre, follow these steps:

Copy the generated CPM report and paste it into your Microsoft Word document.

Finally, save your ProjectLibre project as a .pod file and your Microsoft Word document with the answers as a .docx file, including your name in the file names.

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