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Set the horizontal and vertical wrap modes both them are wrapmode

The IsoHexCore Engine 405

Now finalize the scroller initialization. First, set the horizontal and vertical wrap modes (both of them are WRAPMODE_CLIP). Then calculate the anchor space, and finally set the scroller’s anchor to (0,0).

//set wrap modes for scroller
//calculate anchor space
//set scroller anchor to (0,0)


Not much to it. It’s really cool that you don’t have to jump through elaborate hoops in order to get rid of your iso engine components. They practically clean themselves up.

Main Loop
The main loop can be broken into four major steps: clear back buffer, draw tilemap, draw cursor, and flip. All of this code is in Prog_Loop.

Time to plot your tiles. Loop through the map coordinates using a POINT variable ptMap. For each map position, plot the tile using your TilePlotter and then convert that point from world to screen coordinates

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set the horizontal and vertical wrap modes both th
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