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Since the pdk designed oracle for oracleas portal

Chapter 7: Writing Portlets with Java 325

Open Standard: JSR 168
As mentioned earlier, OracleAS Portal is not the only portal product on the market.

■ The security and personalization of portlets

To see more detail about this specification, go to

On the Step 1 of 7: Portlet Description page of the Oracle PDK Portlet Wizard (Figure 7-3), you are asked for basic information about your portlet. Everything entered here will be used by OracleAS Portal to display information about your portlet. For instance, the Portal Name field is what OracleAS Portal uses internally to store information about your portlet. It cannot contain any spaces or special characters. The next field, Display Name, is what the OracleAS Portal Navigator will use to display your portlet. This name will also be used when selecting portlets to be placed on a page (something we will do later in this chapter). The Description field is a simple text field used to help developers organize their portlets. The timeout information allows developers to specify how long the OracleAS Portal engine should try to render (display) the portlet before giving up and what message should be displayed if the engine is unable to render the portlet in the given time frame.

For this example, give the portlet the following values:

Timeout Message Unable to render portlet

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since the pdk designed oracle for oracleas portal
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