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Sql records every operation performed the data log file

Chapter 3: The Components of SQL 71

numeric data type. To find the value of the average sale, considering all trans-actions in the database, use the AVG function like this:


The Data Control Language (DCL) has four commands: COMMIT, ROLLBACK, GRANT, and REVOKE. These commands protect the database from harm, both accidental and intentional.



In a multiuser system, database corruption or incorrect results are possible even if no hardware or software failures occur. Interactions between two or more users who access the same table at the same time can cause serious problems. By restricting changes so that they occur only within transactions, SQL addresses these problems, as well.

By putting all operations that affect the database into transactions, you can isolate the actions of one user from those of another user. Such isolation is critical if you want to make sure that the results you obtain from the data-base are accurate.

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sql records every operation performed the data log
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