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Enhanced Parallel SVM Spam Filter Assignment Answers Needed

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hello please can you write a Literature review (summary) that is only 10-12 lines about the article An ontology enhanced parallel SVM for scalable spam filter training (its on sciencedirect website) the requirment are:

Determine the problem meant to be solved in the paper.

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

The article "An ontology enhanced parallel SVM for scalable spam filter training" addresses the problem of improving spam filter training by leveraging ontological knowledge and parallel processing. The primary issue tackled in this paper is the need for an efficient and scalable approach to train spam filters, which can process a large volume of data effectively while maintaining accuracy.

In terms of methodology, the paper primarily focuses on utilizing Support Vector Machines (SVMs) as the underlying machine learning algorithm. However, it enhances the traditional SVM approach by incorporating ontological knowledge. The paper employs a parallel processing method to speed up the training process. Specifically, it employs a parallel SVM implementation, which is a key element in addressing scalability issues.

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