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Birth Year Leap Check Assignment Answers Needed

Your Question:

[Birth Leap Year] Question 1

05 points

Enter your birth day: [USER INPUT]

Hello, the DOB you entered is MONTH-DAY-YEAR and you are NOT/BORN in a leap year.

Please enter the month: 9

Please enter the day: 1

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

birth_year = int(input("Enter your birth year: "))

birth_month = int(input("Enter your birth month: "))

        return True


# Step 4: Print the result

print(f"Hello, the DOB you entered is {formatted_date} and you are {leap_year_message}.")

4. We determine whether the entered birth year is a leap year using the `is_leap_year()` function and store the appropriate message in the `leap_year_message` variable.

5. Finally, we print the formatted message that includes the date and whether the user was born in a leap year or not.

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step by step answers with explanation
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