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Vax Records ERD Design Assignment Answers Needed

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Project 1 - Vaccination Records


Helpful Hints

• The design requires five entities: PATIENT, INSURANCE, VACCINATION, LOCATION and SHOT_IN_ARM, an intersection entity to handle the relationship between PATIENT, VACCINATION, and LOCATION.

ERD Requirements

Professional quality ERD with the five entities using the ERD style taught in the Oracle Academy.

o Indicators to the left of each field name: # UID, mandatory, o optional

Relationship lines showing

ERDish Requirements

Correct and complete sentences following the ERDish syntax taught in the Oracle Academy curriculum.

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for Vaccination Records Database

In designing the Vaccination Records database system, we need to create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) that represents the various entities and their relationships within the system. The ERD will help us understand the structure of the database and how data flows between different components. Below is the ERD for the Vaccination Records database:

- #UID (Unique Patient ID)

- First Name

- Insurance ID



- Attributes:

- Attributes:

- Location Name

- Vaccination Date

- Lot Number

- Relationship Name: Is Insured By

Explanation: Each patient may or may not have insurance coverage. If they have insurance, it is associated with the patient's record.

Explanation: Patients can receive multiple vaccinations, and each vaccination they receive is recorded in the SHOT_IN_ARM entity.



- Cardinality: One Location can have (may have) One or More Shots

- Cardinality: One Vaccine can be provided at (may be provided at) One or More Locations

- Optionality: A vaccine can be available at multiple locations

ERDish Sentences:

1. Patient - Insurance Relationship:

- The "Administers" relationship signifies that a particular vaccine can be administered to multiple patients. Each administration is recorded with the vaccination date and lot number.

4. Location - Shot_in_Arm Relationship:

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step by step answers with explanation
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