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ERD for College Netball Homework Answers Needed

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A sports state team wants to develop a database to keep track of information about college netball. Each team can have a maximum of fifteen (15) players and a minimum of thirteen (13) players. Each player can play for only one team. Players play in games often playing several games. A game involves at least ten players. It is possible some players do not play in any game at all. Player performance statistics (i.e., points scored, rebounds, assists, minutes played, and personal fouls committed) are recorded for each player for every game. Information collected about a game includes the game number, the final score, the attendance, and the date of the game.

A player can be identified by student number only.

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

Player Entity:

Unique Identifier: Student Number

Game Entity:

Unique Identifier: Game Number

A player is associated with one and only one team.

A team can have multiple players.

A game involves at least ten players.

Relationship Type: Many-to-Many (Player to Game)

A game involves only one team as the home team.

Relationship Type: One-to-Many (Team to Game)

Each game has a unique game number.

Each player can play in multiple games, but each game must have at least ten players. This constraint should be enforced at the application level since it involves counting the number of players in each game.

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step by step answers with explanation
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