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Assign Values Based on Condition Assignment Answers Needed

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Q: Write Python code for the following: a. An if statement that assigns Y- to the variable y and assigns to the variable z if the variable x is greater than .. 1 go then

student submitted image, transcription available below

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

if x > 1:

    # Step 3: If x is greater than 1, assign 'Y-' to the variable y


    # Step 5: If x is not greater than 1, assign None (or any other value you prefer) to both y and z

print("Value of z:", z)


5. We also assign the string 'Z' to the variable `z`.

6. If the condition in the `if` statement is not true (i.e., `x` is not greater than 1), we enter the `else` block. In this case, we assign `None` (or any other value you prefer) to both `y` and `z`.

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step by step answers with explanation
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