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180 Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook

FIGURE 5-21.

The Network Timeouts page allows you to adjust the amount of time Web Cache maintains connections. The first value, Keep-Alive Timeout, determines how long the Web Cache will keep open a connection to the browser after sending a response. The default allows five seconds from the time a response is sent for the browser to send another request. Remember that web pages define

Chapter 5: Web Cache Administration 181

Logging and Diagnostics
The first page in the Logging and Diagnostics category defines parameters for the event log, such as the location, name, buffering options, and the logging level. Each Web Cache has an event log. The log location and logging level are edited by selecting the log in the Cache Specific Event Log Configuration section. By selecting the Edit button in the Global Event Log Configuration section, you can set the automatic rollover option for the selected cache log, as shown in Figure 5-22.

The Access Logs page allows you to configure the access logs produced by Web Cache. Each web site supported by Web Cache will get its own access log. Here again, you can define automatic rollover. You can use the User Defined Access Format section to modify the information included in the access logs.

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such the maximum number connections and the maximu
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