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Takes identical route through the tree polygon see figure

facing into the same frontspace and is therefore passed down the front where it arrives at node E. Polygon D is also located in node E’s frontspace so is finally passed down the front and stored in leaf 5.

Figure 16.55

To clarify the process, we have performed the BSP compile in two different passes. Hopefully this has highlighted for you just how much the BSP tree is like any other tree we have developed so far. It has also shown us that the node tree also is the exact same tree as the leaf tree with the exception that we chose not to use the leaf information that was implied by the partitioning scheme. Our original node tree example now has been converted into a leaf tree and the final result is shown in Figure 16.56

Figure 16.56
being able to see polygon A whose plane also bounds that region but polygon A would be back-facing and therefore would be back face culled by the pipeline. The only polygons assigned to a leaf are the ones that exist on one of the leaf’s bounding planes and that have normals that face into that leaf.

This would seem to cause a bit of problem. If
data assigned to them (leaves 2, 6 and 7). Also
notice in all the previous diagrams that because
of the way that we send a polygon that is co-
planar and same facing down the front of that
node, a polygon will always be assigned to the
leaf that it is facing into. It might seem strange
to think of the camera being in leaf 5 and not

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takes identical route through the tree polygon see
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