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Thanks michael zoll from the rac performance tuning team oracle

About the Technical Reviewer


No matter how many years of experience you have in the field and how many problem-solving situations you have encountered, when dumping your thoughts into paper you need those extra eyes to make sure your thoughts are written down with accuracy. In a technical book, a small error could change the complete context give it a negative spin. Thanks to Michael Zoll from the RAC performance tuning team at Oracle, USA, for the informal reviews of the material during the very early phases of writing this book; and to Arup Nanda, who carries a wealth of knowledge in this Oracle technology space, for reviewing and providing criticism and suggestions to improve on the material.

All through this process, it has been the efforts and pursuance of Jonathan Hassell, Jonathan Gennick, Rita Fernando, Chris Nelson, and the entire team at Apress who have worked through different stages to make publishing the book even possible.

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thanks michael zoll from the rac performance tunin
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