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The built-in docu-mentation tool visual studio net


Chapter 11 ■


This attribute can be attached to any tag to provide a reference to a code element. It is important to note that the compiler will verify that this code element exists, and will issue a warning if the verification fails. The compiler also respects any using statements when looking for a type described in this attribute.

/// <summary>
/// Saves the application settings to a text file named by /// the fileName property, and saved in isolated storage.

/// </summary>
/// <param name=”fileName”>
/// The name of the file to store the application settings in.

As you can see in the above code example, we have documented the source code for the SaveApplicationSettings method, and now that we have done so, it is avail-able for IntelliSense. Now whenever you start typing out the name of the method, IntelliSense will fire up and give you information about the method and the para-meters it expects. This is illustrated in Figure 11.4.

Figure 11.4 Example of on-the-fly IntelliSense documentation.

The first method, and the one this chapter will not cover, is the built-in docu-mentation tool in Visual Studio .NET. Under the Tools menu is an option titled Build Comment Web Pages..., which will produce help files in the Visual Studio .NET

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the builtin documentation tool visual studio net
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