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The cabling can physically damaged destroyed

592 Domain 5.0 • Operational and Organizational Security

Network performance should always be considered when deciding what type of cable to use. Different types of cable allow data to travel at different speeds and to maximum lengths before devices must be used to lengthen transmission dis-tances.The varying specifications for different types of coaxial, unshielded twisted-pair (UTP), and STP cable are shown in Table 11.1.

Maximum Length Maximum Speed

100 meters

10 Mbps

500 meters

10 Mbps

100 meters

100 Mbps

Damage & Defense…

DOMAIN 5.0 Incident Response • Chapter 11 593

Fire Suppression

other equipment. Because problems with moisture and flooding can damage or destroy equipment, water sprinklers are not an option in server rooms or other areas storing devices. Other problems may occur if the fire suppression system releases foam that damages equipment, creates significant smoke when putting out a fire, or causes other potential problems that can result in collateral damage. When choosing a fire suppression system, it is important to choose one that will put out a fire, but not destroy the equipment in the process.These are often referred to as clean agent fire extinguishing systems.

Halon is a fire suppressant often found in older facilities.When a fire occurred, this chemical would be dumped into the room at high pressure, removing necessary elements needed to work with the oxygen and fuel the fire.

I Trifluromethane (FE-13) A chemical originally developed by
DuPont as a refrigerant, but commonly used in new fire suppression sys- tems. FE-13 molecules absorb heat, making it impossible for the air in the room to support combustion. It is considered to be one of the safest clean agents.

I Carbon Dioxide Systems A popular method of fire suppression, as carbon dioxide reduces the oxygen content to the point where the atmosphere can no longer support combustion.

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the cabling can physically damaged destroyed
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