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The column headings represent the fields

268Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP: The Guide to Oracle’s Multidimensional Solution

This denotes that this file will build the dimension from the top to the bottom. In this case, the member 500 will be placed toward the top of the outline and subsequent members organized underneath.

5. In the Field area, double-click Generation.

6. In the Number area, enter 2. This specifies that the member 500 will be placed directly below the Product dimension name as a product line.

Dimension Field type Field Number





In the Data Prep Editor, the column headings represent the fields. The headings contain an abbreviation of the Field Type and Field Number (for example, GEN2),

Chapter 5: Building Your Essbase Database 269

Validating and Saving the Load Rule Follow these steps to validate and save your new load rule:

1. Select Options | Validate. A message tells you whether the rule is valid. Click OK to close the message box.

1. Open the Sample Basic outline.

2. Select Outline | Update Outline.

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the column headings represent the fields
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