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The company recently added support for linux their product line

358 CHAPTER 11


Now it’s time to play with the database. Try creating a new database, fill it with tables, add some views, and work with stored procedures. Database applications require that you fully understand how each of the individual features work toward a cohesive whole. Although you can build an appli-cation using nothing but stored procedures and a little glue code, the result is going to be inefficient because you aren’t making best use of all the functionality the DBMS provides. Only by working with the various features can you discover how to use them with your particular application.

Creating an ASP.NET Crystal Reports Web Site

The computer was supposed to usher in the era of the paperless office. Here we are, many years later, still shuffling paper around. In fact, if anything, computers have made it possible for companies to churn out yet more paper. Any hopes you have of avoiding paper with your Web application will instantly disappear the first time an executive decides to look at the output. Reporting, the act of put-ting the data you’ve collected on paper, is an essential part of every application—even Web applica-tions. Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when using Visual Studio—you have access to a feature limited version of Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2005, which will meet the vast majority of your needs.

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the company recently added support for linux their
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