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The create repository summary screen


Part I ✦ Overview of Oracle Architecture and Administration

Chapter 2 ✦ Getting Started with Oracle8i Server 69

8. The Configuration Assistant Progress dialog box appears indicating the status and progress of the configuration, as shown in Figure 2-14. If you want more detailed information on what is happening during the process, you can click Show Details, which presents detailed progress information on the text box on the right, as shown in Figure 2-15.

9. After the “Processing Complete” message indicating 100 percent of the work is complete is displayed, click Close. You have now created the repository and configured the local OMS to use it.

Once you have created the repository and configured the Oracle Management Server, ensure that the service is started by using Control Panel/Services (on Windows NT 4.0) or the Services MMC snap-in (in Windows 2000) to start the service. If the Management Server service is not started on the computer, any

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the create repository summary screen
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