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62 Part I ✦ Overview of Oracle Architecture and Administration


Oracle Server

OEM Console
Oracle Server
Oracle Server


OEM Console

Oracle Server

Chapter 2 ✦ Getting Started with Oracle8i Server 63

A single Oracle Management Server can communicate to one and only one reposi-tory, but a single repository can be used by more than one Oracle Management Server. This is because the repository is simply a database and the OMS is consid-ered a database client connection. Having more than one OMS connect to the same repository enables you to scale enterprise-wide management better by having cer-tain administrative tasks be run on one OMS while another OMS can be used for a different purpose, thereby better balancing the workload.

If you dig deeper into what actually makes up the Oracle Management Server, you find that it is composed of a set of services that interact with the repository and a component on each database server (or node) that is being managed, called the Oracle Intelligent Agent. The services that exist on each Management Server include

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