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The default password manager system you are logged


Chapter 3

If you are loading into a different database, do this as follows:

>imp scott/tiger@SAMPLE_DB doyouxml.dmp

Hello, XSQL! 37

Now that the demos provided by Oracle are in place, we are going to get started on the example that we will use for the rest of the book. As discussed in Chapter 1 our sample application is an online catalog. In this section, you will create our example user and a single table using SQL*PLUS. In the next section, you will create a connection defini-tion that accesses the database as this user. From there, you will create your first XSQL application using the data in the table that you create here.

You will create the MOMNPUP user for our client company, Mom N’ Pop Retail. Oracle gives you a huge amount of flexibility in creating users. Among other things, you can specify the default tablespace, the temporary tablespace, the quota, the user’s profile, and the rollback segment. For this exercise, we will create the user as simply as possible. You should consult your administrator’s guide for in-depth information about all of the different options.


Now that the user is created, log out and log back in as the user:

firstname VARCHAR2(15),

job VARCHAR2(30));


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the default password manager system you are logged
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