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The effect reduce the gain the lower end the scale

204 Chapter Twelve

12.2.2 Linearization

where K is a constant.

The current numbers from the sensor are converted into binary, where the relationship still holds. In this case, a linear relationship is required between

There are many instances in conversion where there is not an easily defin-able relationship between variable and transducer outputs and it may be diffi-cult or impossible to write a best fit equation that is adequate for linearization of the variable. In this case, look-up tables are used. The tables correlate trans-ducer output and the true value of the variable, and these values are stored in memory so that the processor can retrieve the true value of the variable from the transducer reading by consulting its look-up tables. This method is exten-sively used with thermocouples.

12.2.3 Temperature correction

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the effect reduce the gain the lower end the scale
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