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The entered password does not match the decrypted version


Oracle Application Object Library Security

When you define an application user, you assign to the user one or more responsibilities. If you assign only one responsibility, the user, after signing on, immediately enters an application.

If you assign two or more responsibilities, the user, after signing on, sees a window listing available responsibilities.

• Sensitive - (New behavior) Passwords are stored and compared as they are, with the password case preserved. During comparison, if the entered password does not match the decrypted version, then an error message is displayed. New passwords are unaltered prior to encryption.

• Mixed - (New behavior) This mode extends Sensitive mode by adding insensitive behavior for the benefit of those users who have not yet changed their passwords since case-sensitive passwords were enabled. If the initial password comparison fails, the entered password is converted to uppercase and compared again. New passwords are unaltered prior to encryption.

A responsibility is a level of authority in Oracle Applications that lets users access only those Oracle Applications functions and data appropriate to their roles in an organization.

Each responsibility allows access to:

• Reports in a specific application; as system administrator, you can assign groups of reports to one or more responsibilities, so the responsibility a user choose determines the reports that can be submitted.

Each user has at least one or more responsibilities, and multiple users can share the same responsibility. A system administrator can assign users any of the standard responsibilities provided with Oracle Applications, or create new custom responsibilities if required.

Defining a Request Security Group, page 4-4

Overview of Function Security, page 4-7

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the entered password does not match the decrypted
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