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The main user interface for biginsights the biginsights web console

90 Harness the Power of Big Data: The IBM Big Data Platform

The MapReduce processing layer (the JobTracker server) also has a single point of failure.

What’s in the Box: The Components of InfoSphere BigInsights

Before describing the enterprise-readiness capabilities of BigInsights, we’d like to establish a context, and go over the product’s main components from both a licensing and packaging perspective, and a software component perspective. We’ll describe the Hadoop components included in BigInsights, the main user interface for BigInsights (the BigInsights Web Console), the developer tooling, and the various editions that are available.

The following table lists the open source projects (and their versions) that are included in BigInsights 2.0, which was the most current version available at the time of writing.



Chukwa (monitoring large clustered systems)


HCatalog (table and storage management)


Oozie (work flow and job orchestration)


ZooKeeper (process coordination)

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the main user interface for biginsights the bigins
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