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The oracle universal installer adheres optimal flexible architecture


Part I ✦ Overview of Oracle Architecture and Administration

In preparing for the Oracle8i DBA: Architecture and Administration exam, please keep these points in mind regarding administrative tools and configuring privileged users:

✦ The Oracle Universal Installer is a graphical tool common to most Oracle plat-forms that can be used to install, remove, and change the configuration of installed Oracle products.

✦ Configuring privileged users to be authenticated by the operating system depends upon the O/S being used, but usually involves an O/S user being a member of an O/S group that has been granted special privileges by the Oracle Universal Installer during the installation of the Oracle software. The REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE=NONE Oracle initialization parameter also needs to be set for the instance that supports O/S authentication of privileged users.

✦ The ORAPWD utility is used to create a password file and specify the number of entries it will support. It also sets the password for the special user INTER-NAL, which exists for backward compatibility and should not be used as it will be desupported in future releases.

✦ Oracle has a number of command-line tools for administration, including Server Manager line mode, SQL*Plus, and SQL*Plus Worksheet. Other tools, such as Import, Export, SQL*Loader, and so on also can be used to perform specific tasks.

✦ Oracle Enterprise Manager is the primary graphical tool for administering Oracle in an enterprise-wide environment. It has a three-tier structure consist-ing of a client (OEM Console), middle tier (the Oracle Management Server and Repository), and server (each Oracle node and database being managed).

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the oracle universal installer adheres optimal fle
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