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The owl standard did not include such construct


CHAPTER 10 Counting and Sets in OWL


:Paul a [ a owl:Restriction ;
owl:onProperty :ownsMovie ;
owl:someValuesFrom :AntonioBanderasMovie ] .

We can define the set of people who own seven or more movies using owl:minCardinality:

JamesDeanMovie owl:disjointWith JudiDenchMovie .

JamesDeanMovie owl:disjointWith AntonioBanderasMovie . JudyGarlandMovie owl:disjointWith TomCruiseMovie .

Now we know that Paul has three James Dean movies and at least one movie from each of the other actors named here. Furthermore, none of these movies appears twice, since all of the sets are disjoint. An inference engine can confirm that Rocky is justified in counting to seven movies, and

:Paul a :SevenMovieOwner .

Prerequisites Revisited 231
Paul rdf:type owl:someValuesFrom
∃ ownsMovie some AntonioBanderasMovie
rdf:type owl:someValuesFrom

∃ ownsMovie some TomCruiseMovie

≡ Seven movie owner

Just as we had owl:AllDifferent as a way to specify that several individuals are mutually distinct, we could have something like owl:AllDisjoint to indicate that a set of classes are mutually disjoint. As it happens, the OWL standard did not include such a construct, though some proposals for extensions to OWL include such a facility.


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the owl standard did not include such construct
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