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The parameter file must configured able start the auxiliary instance

Overview of RMAN Database Duplication 289

Preparing to Duplicate Your Database

Preparing to duplicate your database requires a few steps:

Let’s look at each of these steps in more detail.

Backing up the target database is not required if you are using active data-base duplication . If you are doing backup-based duplication, you will need a complete backup of the target database . Follow the steps outlined in Chapter 3 to perform an RMAN backup of your database . The database can be in NOARCHIVELOG or ARCHIVELOG mode .

1. Configure any OS-specific requirements.

Different operating systems require that certain prerequisites be completed before you can start a database instance. For example, in Windows you must create the Windows service, and in most Unix flavors you will need to configure shared memory. You will need to make sure that these preconfiguration steps are complete before you can start the auxiliary instance and begin the duplication process.

4. Configure the database parameter file for the auxiliary instance.

Configuring the database parameter file correctly can ensure successful database duplication. Incorrectly configuring the parameter file can be a frustrating exercise in futility. The parameter file must be configured to be able to start the auxiliary instance. The parameters listed in Table 7.2 are available for use during the database-duplication process. You may not need to use all of the parameters listed in Table 7.2 when duplicating databases. In some cases these parameters can also be defined on the RMAN command line as parameters of the DUPLICATE command.

The name of the duplicated database . This same name will be used in the RMAN DUPLICATE command . This name should be unique for databases on a given host . This parameter is a required parameter for any database duplication .

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the parameter file must configured able start the
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