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The plug-in adds simple wizard within awm

214Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP: The Guide to Oracle’s Multidimensional Solution

The execution of the forecast takes less than a minute to run for the entire cube. This program can be executed from a SQL or PL/SQL call, or can be incorporated into the maintenance routine of the Forecast cube, using cube scripts.

3. Add a new step (OLAP Command).

4. Save the step and reorder the steps so that this new step is the first step.

Chapter 4: Building an Oracle OLAP Analytic Workspace 215

■ If you are using Oracle OLAP 10 g, use the View Generator plug-in for AWM 10g to build your 10g views. If you are using Oracle OLAP 11g, leverage the automatically generated views.

create or replace force view mydim_myhier_view as

select * from table( cube_table('MYSCHEMA.MYDIM;MYHIER') );

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the plugin adds simple wizard within awm
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