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The profile user alfred has password set and password set

Implementing Password
Security Features


Setting up

Password aging and expiration

Implementing Password Security Features

Oracle password management is implemented with user profiles. Profiles can provide many standard security features.

Implementing Password Security Features (continued)

Password history: Checks the new password to ensure that the password is not reused for a specified amount of time or a specified number of password changes. These checks can be implemented by using one of the following:

If both parameters are set, password reuse is allowed—but only after meeting both conditions. The user must have changed the password the specified number of times, and the specified number of days must have passed since the old password was last used.

For example, the profile of user ALFRED has PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX set to 10 and
PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME set to 30. User ALFRED cannot reuse a password until he has reset the password 10 times and until 30 days have passed since the password was last used.

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the profile user alfred has password set and passw
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