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The pump pulses were crossed tac and the probe pulses were




Spectroscopy ▪ Terahertz ▪ Optics of Semiconductors and 2D Materials▪ Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy ▪ Metamaterials and Plasmonics▪ Lasers, UV Lasers, Random lasers

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Jorge Ojeda-Castaneda
Universidad de Guanajuato
Fang-Chung Chen
National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Chau-Jern Cheng
National Taiwan Normal University
Lukas Chrostowski
University of British Columbia
Steve Cundiff
University of Michigan
Casimer DeCusatis
Marist College
Hui Deng
University of Michigan
Henry O. Everitt
Duke University
Mike Fiddy
University of North Carolina at Charlotte Almantas Galvanaskas
University of Michigan
David Gershoni
Technion Institute of Technology

Xingjie Ni
Penn State University

Christoph Schmidt
University of Göttingen

Xiushan Zhu
University of Arizona



Transient I lolographic Grating Techniques in Chemical Dynamics


Juraj Darmo and Karl Umerrainer
Ulrich Hlluner, Rupert /-luber, Machillo Kim,

and Stephan W Kocll

ExcitollS in Magnetic r-ie\ds

Kanlull1 Gong, G Timothy Noe If, and lunichiro Kana


Ultrafast Studies of Semiconductors

Band Structure and Optical Properties

Quantum Wells and GaAs-Based Structures

p mood

Coherent Terahertz Sources
1 I 8

Materials I?ohit. P PrasanlwlI'lar, Dmitly A Ytll"Olslti, and AfHoineue J Taylor 123

Tutorial on Multidimensional Coherent Spectroscopy Marl? Siemens 150

Second Harmonic Generation Spectroscopy of I-Iidden Phases Lillyan Zhao, Oarins Torchins")',

207 227 233 244 252 265 271

lohn IlarLer, Alberto de la Ton-e, al1{j Oallid Iisieh

Allosecond Spectroscopy

SR Meech

Alternative Plasmonic J\ltaterials

Raman Lasers

Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers

Jer01ne V Moloney and Alexandre L(wmi"

Optical Parametric Amplifiers

Gil/lio Cefllllo. Sandra De SilileSlti, llnd CrisLian M(lI1ZOrii

Few-Cycle and Atlosecond Lasers

Fr(l1lcesca Ca/egari (HId Cllleri1lfl Vozz"i

Chirped Pulse Amplification

GA MOllroll

Edge Emitters

II Colemall

Noble Cas Ion Lasers

WI3 I3ridges

Thin Disk Lasers


Microdlip L,sers

lohn I Za),lwwshi

jlll11eS R Taylor

Vllslri Kaneda

Single-Frequency L1sers


Ladan Arissian

Sandro De Silvestri

11lSl'itute of Phot.Ollics (HId Nmwt.ecll11o!ogy, Milano, Italy

lean-Claude Dids
Universily of New Mexico, lllim'luerque, NM, United States

A Brenier

Short-Pulse Spectroscopy, Berlill, Cernul1!Y

John Harter
University of Californill, Sallta Barbllrll, CII, Ullited SUlles

Martin R Ilofmann
Ru/l" University 8ocl'lll11l, BociJllm, Germany

II Coleman
Unil/ersit)' of Illinois, Urbllno, II., USA

Kankan Cong
Rice University, HOllston, TX, Uni/ed Sl(ileS

Juraj Darmo

Stephan W Koch
Philipps Unil/ersit)' of Marblllg, Marblllg. Ge,."wn)'


Alexandre Laurain

J Shah
Arlington, VA, USA

Slares NM, Unit.ed SUItes

Bachana Lomsadze
University of Michigtll1, Ann Arbor, MI, United States Cristian Manzoni
Instiwte of Photonics and Nanotechnology, Milano, llilly 5R Meech
University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Jerome V Moloney
Universit)' of Ariwlla, Tllcson, AZ, Unit.ed Stales
Calan Moody
Nat.ional Instit.me of Sumdtmis & Technology, BOllldel', CO, United Slales
GA Mourou
Ulliver.lity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Cururaj V Naik
II ice University, I-Iollston, TX, Ullited Stales
G Timolhy Noe II
Rice Unillersity, I-Iouston, 'Ix, United States
Jennirer P Ogilvie
Unillersity of Michigli11, Anll Arbor, /\;11, United Slates D Pelrosyan
InSI:itme of f-JectwlIic Structure (Inri Laser, Heraidioll, Greece
Rohit P Prasankumar
Cenler for Int.egrated NalIOlecJuwlogies, Los A/amos, NM. Ullit.ed Stal.es
Klaus Reimann
Max 130m Instilllte for Nonlinear Optics and
Short.-PlIlse Spect.1'Oscopy, Berlill, Germany
Marco Santagiustina

Caterina Vozzi
Institllle for Photonics and Nanotechnologies CNR-IFN, Milano, Italy

L Wang
Chitlese Academy of Sciences, Beijil1g, China

W Zawadzki
Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Poland

John J Zayhowski
Lincoll1 Laboratory, Massachusett.s illst.it.ute of Technology, Lexington, MA, Uniled States