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The search wiki button allows you search the wiki for key terms

Figure 10-5. A version diff

This brings back an old version of the page for editing. Once you save your changes, it becomes the newest version of the page.

The Choose Wiki Links drop-down menu provides you with tools to view your wiki in different ways. The tools include:

Site map
A hierarchical view of the pages and links in the wiki, starting with the first page.

162 | Chapter 10:Wikis

Updated pages
Lists all the pages in the wiki by date and time of last edit.

The Administration drop-down menu gives you tools that keep your wiki running smoothly. As you and your class generate the wiki, pages may become orphaned or you may need to manage a student’s contributions.

Set page flags
Page flags are properties you can set on a per-page basis. Every page can be set with different permissions:

Stands for “read-only.” You and your students can only read the file, not make changes.

The writable flag allows anyone in the course to make changes to the docu-ment.

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the search wiki button allows you search the wiki
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