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The technology selected for the digital production centers and the web portal


There is always more work that can be done. The MWDL web site can be improved to offer guided research rather than simply search and browse functions. Establishing a

dedicated staff to manage the project, and securing a direct source of funding to support the MWDL would help enormously.


1. The Multi-Site Server, like the CONTENTdm software, runs on three different platforms: Linux; Solaris; and Windows.

2. Michigan’s OAISTER and the OAI harvester at UIUC are two examples of major existing OAI harvesters.

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Auburn University Libraries, Auburn University, Alabama, USA
Sue Medina
Network of Alabama Academic Libraries, Montgomery, Alabama, USA, and
Received 27 August 2004 Revised 29 November 2004 Accepted 17 February 2005


Purpose – This paper aims to summarize a three-year federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to create a statewide digital collection.

Keywords Digital libraries, Collections management, Information operations, United States of America

Paper type Case study

The Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (NAAL), a consortium of Alabama’s public and private four-year colleges and universities, was established 1984 to coordinate academic library resource sharing. The academic institutions in NAAL are fully committed to education, research and service. Their “open door” policies help ensure that every citizen has access to the rich information resources housed in their libraries. All NAAL members facilitate statewide access to their print collections by
An early adopter of networking technology, NAAL embraced electronic databases for cooperative collection development, becoming one of the first statewide consortia to license the newly available Expanded Academic ASAP for all its members. The libraries’ “open door” policies resulted in walk-in community users discovering various Library Hi Tech
Vol. 23 No. 2, 2005
pp. 233-251
q Emerald Group Publishing Limited 0737-8831
DOI 10.1108/07378830510605188
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the technology selected for the digital production
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