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The unt school library and information sciences www slis


for the portal should focus on aspects of Texas history of interest to historians, students and lifelong learners – emphasizing materials that are of key importance to Texas history, as well as meagerly documented topics that could benefit from

increased access. Selected items should also provide geographic coverage throughout the State of Texas, hold unique or intrinsic value as historical objects, and not duplicate previously digitized material. Copyright is also an issue, and materials can be used


Early implementation activities revealed some issues. Balancing the specificity of the information that can be represented in and queried from metadata with the cost of producing records continues to prove challenging. In this regard, UNT is automating several aspects of the metadata creation process, while monitoring emerging technologies for harvesting technical metadata, as well as related initiatives such as the Research Libraries Group (RLG) led project of Automatic Exposure (www.rlg.org/en/ page.php?Page_ID ¼ 2681). Also at issue is quality control for descriptive metadata to ensure that we satisfy the needs of users, for example, authority control for individual and corporate names and place names. A well-developed thesaurus for the subject area could assist such quality control efforts.

The design of the portal architecture supports the automatic metadata extraction process. Technical information can be captured in the scanning process and harvested

automatically when digital objects are transferred into the archive. For instance, scanning specifications are recorded in TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) headers during the scanning process, and that data is then automatically harvested and recorded in the appropriate metadata fields. Development of a portal to Texas
development. UNT is an active member of various statewide, national and international professional associations and consortia related to digital library 155
UNTL metadata




schema also introduces some of
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