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The use vpns and have enabled users able telecommute

730 Appendix A • Self Test Questions, Answers, and Explanations

C. To remove critical system files

D. To run a peer-to-peer file-sharing server

1. The use of VPNs and __________________ have enabled users to be able to telecommute.


� Answers A and B are incorrect as PGP and S/MIME are both methods of securing Internet e-mail.Answer C is incorrect because wireless NICs give users the ability to work without being physically connected to a network, but does one provide the ability to telecommute.

2. Self Test Questions, Answers, and Explanations • Appendix A 731

3. There are three recognized levels of hacking ability in the Internet community.The first is the skilled hacker, who writes the programs and scripts that script kiddies use for their attacks. Next comes the script kiddie, who knows how to run the scripts written by the skilled hackers.After the script kiddies come the ____________, who lack the basic knowledge of networks and security to launch an attack themselves.

A. Web kiddies
B. Clickers
C. Click kiddies
D. Dunce kiddies
C is the correct answer. Click kiddies rely on attack portals to carry out their attacks because they lack the knowledge to perform the attack themselves.

C. Bob must inform the VPN server of his home IP address before he can con- nect to the VPN server.

D. Bob has to open up the correct ports on his firewall.

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the use vpns and have enabled users able telecommu
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