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The window method causes the browser open new window the screen

194 JavaScript Demystifi ed

Creating dynamic content in this way is possible only if you “own” the new win-dow and its contents. For example, you can’t load a web URL, such as www.cnn .com, and write to or read any content within it, because this is a security violation and the browser won’t allow it. You also can’t place content from a window in one domain to a window in another domain. If two windows are located in different domains, you must use JavaScript to set them to the same domain before they can communicate in this manner.

Looking Ahead

Now that you have a good understanding of how to create new windows and dy-namic content for those windows, it’s time to learn a powerful tool that JavaScript developers use to validate information that is provided by visitors to their web sites. You’ll learn about regularexpressions in Chapter 10.

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the window method causes the browser open new wind
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