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They mimic the evolutionary behaviour the living species

142 Gestal, Cancela, Andrade & Gómez-Carracedo


Cost reduction for data acquisition: If less data are required for sample classifica-tion, the time required to obtain them would be shorter.

Increased efficiency of the classifier system: Less information also requires less time for its processing.

If A is a set of n objects:

A = {xi, i=1...n}

If C is the overall set of classes, from which discrimination is to be done, and Ck is the class to which object xi belongs to, then any object xi can be completely described by the set

xi = { Vij, Ck}, j=1...d

More formally, the term EC involves the study of the basis and application of some heuristic techniques that are based on fundamentals of natural evolution (Tomassini, 1995). This group of heuristics can be sorted into four main categories that are included in the evolutionary equation that is shown in Figure 1.

Biological Fundamentals

Evolutionary Computation = Genetic
+ Evolutionary Strategies + Genetic
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they mimic the evolutionary behaviour the living s
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