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This case are looking the current budget and sorting project score

Portfolio Analysis

Up to ten group levels can be defined for a scorecard. Each of them can have a different color and you can choose how the group is displayed and how values are rolled up.


When you choose to display a waterline in your scorecard, the waterline

Chapter 12

The waterline parameter determines what quantity you are measuring, and that quantity is viewed cumulatively. In this case we are looking at the current budget and sorting by project score. The waterline is drawn after the cumulative current budget of the top scoring projects exceeds $5,000,000.

the top of the display. Note that the generated file will go to a temporary location on your computer – you must click Save As… in order to save and make changes to it.

Graphical displays

Color Theme can be Primary or Pastel colors.

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this case are looking the current budget and sorti
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