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This data must stored the file when file saved

Exercises 581

changes that you will have to make are to the parts of the program that read and write the data file. Use the DOM to read the data, as discussed in Subsection 11.5.3. You can use the XML format illustrated in the following sample phone directory file:

Note: The original checkers program could be run as either an applet or a stand-alone application. Since the new version uses files, however, it can only be run as an application. An applet running in a web browser is not allowed to access files.

It’s a little tricky to completely restore the state of a game. The program has a variable board of type CheckersData that stores the current contents of the board, and it has a variable currentPlayer of type int that indicates whether Red or Black is currently moving. This data must be stored in the file when a file is saved. When a file is read into the program, you should read the data into two local variables newBoard of type CheckersData and newCurrentPlayer of type int. Once you have successfully read all the data from the file, you can use the following code to set up the program state correctly. This code assumes that you have introduced two new variables saveButton and loadButton of type JButton to represent the “Save Game” and “Load Game” buttons:

Exercises board = newBoard;
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this data must stored the file when file saved
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