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Wireshark: Purpose and Usage Answer

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8. Briefly answer the following questions about Wireshark below. a) What is Wireshark? b) What is the purpose of Wireshark's? c) Does Wireshark only show information for your computer? Explain why or why not d) In the Wireshark Interface, what is shown in the Packet Listing window? e) In the Wireshark Interface, what type of information is shown for the Packet Detail? f) What are coloring rules in the packet display of a Wireshark capture? g) What is a Wireshark display filter? h) Give 3 different examples of display filters.

Assignment Help Answers with Step-by-Step Explanation:

a) Wireshark is a popular open-source network protocol analyzer. It is used for capturing, inspecting, and analyzing network traffic in real-time or from saved capture files.

f) Coloring rules in Wireshark's packet display allow users to visually highlight packets based on specific criteria. This helps users quickly identify and focus on packets of interest. For example, coloring rules can be used to highlight packets with specific source or destination IP addresses, specific protocols, or packets matching certain patterns.

g) A Wireshark display filter is a mechanism used to filter and display only specific packets from a larger capture dataset. Users can define display filters to narrow down the displayed packets based on various criteria, such as source/destination addresses, port numbers, protocol types, and more. This helps in isolating and analyzing specific network traffic.


Display TCP traffic from a specific port:

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this helps users quickly identify and focus packet
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