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This not say have model stereo vision and hearing

316 |

Chapter 7

AI Implementation

� You approach a bot silently from the rear, but it immediately turns around (maybe it hears you blink) and fragments your intestines with a chaingun.

� You run and hide. It’s impossible for your enemy to know you have shut yourself in a tiny storage room, but nevertheless it proceeds directly to your location, opens the door, and lobs a grenade inside.


To prevent these perceptual inconsistencies an agent’s sense of vision and
hearing must be filtered to ensure consistency with its visual and aural
capabilities. For example, in a game where each bot must exhibit similar

Raven: An Overview | 317

� You stab a Nazi guard in the back. As he slumps to the floor you hear more guards approach, so you slink off into a dark corner. The guards enter the room and your mouse hand tenses, ready for the moment when they start looking around for the intruder. However, the guards do not see the body on the floor, even when they walk right over it.

� You find yourself in a hack and slash fight with a ghostly warrior.

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this not say have model stereo vision and hearing
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