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Getting Around: Understanding and Customizing the P6 Interface
The tabs across the upper left side of the page are always present, and represent five areas of work:



Projects let you manage projects from the EPS level, down to the activity level. A scheduler would spend most of his or her time in this tab. This is also where you go to manage Issues, Documents, and Risks. The tasks under Projects are discussed further in Chapter 3, Organizing your Projects with EPS, OBS, and WBS, Chapter 4, Creating a New Project and Work Breakdown Structure,Chapter 5, Adding Activities and Relationships, Chapter 7, Scheduling and Constraints, Chapter 8, Issues and Risks, Chapter 9, Baselines and Statusing, and Chapter 10, Project Templates.


Reports tab brings up the BI Publisher reports that are available for P6. Reports are covered in Appendix B, Reporting.

But after the applet is downloaded, you should not get this message again for that specific applet.

Now that we have given an overview of the P6 EPPM Web Client, and have shown where each item is covered in the rest of the book, we will give a detailed walkthrough of P6 Professional.

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